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APRIL 23rd, 2017
11:30 A.M.
at Gear West Ski and Run
a one-day event designed to
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APRIL 23rd, 2017
at Gear West Ski and Run
SOCIAL TIME. Enjoy a snack and talk with presenters and other participants. 
RUNNING 101. Starting is the hardest part. Maintaining motivation to keep on running is next hardest! How best to start and avoid injury. What tools to use - shoes, equipment, and mental. Useful clothing suggestions. And, just fun.
tips from Kari! She will have you laughing, we promise!
(Kari was a non-runner turned ultra-runner turned GW employee!)
REFUEL, RECOVER and REHYDRATE. Optimize your 3R’s to maintain health and improve race performance. We will explore post race nutrition and discuss key nutrients to incorporate into your post race fuel that will deliver optimal recovery for next day’s training or event. Recovery nutrition is a science that combines macronutrients, fluids, and electrolytes to ensure the body has all the necessary nutrients to repair and rebuild muscle tissue  Performance nutrition is not a one size fits all so we will discuss how the recovery formula varies depending on body size, gender, event, length of event, age and environmental factors.
Tips from Jenna Stangland, nutritionist 
TIPS ON BALANCING EXERCISE, CAREER and LIFE. Try not to go crazy doing “it all”  Suggestions from Jan Guenther who has raised two boys, owns Gear West, races on skis, on foot, on bike, in the water and combines them all together in triathlons and other unusual events or fun trips. Tips on what works for her to stay motivated, what she has to cut out in her life and how she makes it fun to continue to work out at a ‘later age’. Jan Guenther co-owner of GW
INJURY PREVENTION. Keep your body limber and strong for the long haul with stretching and warm up techniques to help you avoid common exercise-induced injuries Bring your questions about back and neck, knees and feet. This is an audience participation class so be prepared to get on the floor and stretch. 
Info from local Chiropractor Dr. Lori Goodsell
TAKE A BREAK. Grab a snack - ask a question 
INVESTIGATING NUTRITION STRATEGIES. Does the WHEN of Nutrition Really Matter? Once you understand your calorie needs and macronutrient balance, what are the next steps you can take to optimize your nutrition? We will review this relatively new area of performance nutrition and discuss the steps you can take to optimize the timing and distribution of your fuel. Nutrient timing influences energy levels, body composition, overall health and workout recovery.
Tips from Jenna Stangland, nutritionist
All ABOUT RUNNING SHOES and HOW TO TREAT COMMON INJURIES. Which shoes and Why?  What YOU should look for when shopping shoes?  Why all the shoes on the ‘shoe wall’? Q & A on common injuries  By Cory Towle, Gear West’s Run Manager, and Dr. Lori Goodsell.
3:45-4:15- (GW Bike Store)
CHANGING FLAT TIRES Made Easy! The right attitude, the right tools and a little bit of knowledge and you will never need your cell phone to call a friend when faced with a flat tire on the road.


Jenna Stangland
Sports Nutritionist for Viverant Physical Therapy

Dr Lori Goodsell
Chiropractor at Active Family Chiropractic
Jan Guenther
Gear West Ski and Run
Speedy McCollar
Gear West Ski and Run