8 Things people don't tell you when you start Nordic Skiing

Posted by Corey Towle on Jun 5th 2017

  As the resident newbie to Nordic skiing here at Gear West (I learned to ski in the winter of 2013) I was tasked with coming up with 8 things people don’t tell you when you sta … read more

Tips for Stand Up Paddle Boards

Posted by Dana Henry on May 29th 2017

Tips for Stand Up Paddle Board SUPing offers a fun and relaxing activity that anyone can do. It is also one of the best workouts out there. Simply standing on a board will activa … read more

Weekend Trail Running Getaway

Posted by Kari Gibbons on May 23rd 2017

  One of the things I love about Minnesota summers is the weekend getaway, or as some people call them: runcations.  I love getting my miles in on the local trails but when the weeken … read more

Jan Talks Motivation

Posted by Jan Guenther on May 11th 2017

  Jan Guenther's thoughts on KEEPING MOTIVATED & FIT FOR NEXT YEARS BIRKIE from the perspective of a 50-something woman athlete with tender knees.   What t … read more

Checklist for the Birkie

Posted by Ari Mahonen on Feb 17th 2017

  With the American Birkie and Kortie just a few days away, it’s time to think all those little things that add up to having the best possible event.    Equipm … read more