We love Atomic Skintec

Skintec is a performance no-wax ski that deliver a strong kick in all conditions along with great glide. The Kick is created by two different skin grip modules which are easily switched according to conditions. Glide is optimized with Step Down Sidewall construction which provides enough camber to keep the grip modules off the snow.

We have a deep selection for 90-230lb skiers 


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Read how Jan Guenther loves Skintec

Jesse B. - Gear West employee and high school ski coach
"While coaching this winter I used Skintec every day the team had classic ski practice (2-3 times a week). I just threw them on and got out working with the kids. They worked in every condition and required no maintance. They forced me to use proper technique, I had to use good weight transfer to get optimal performance. 

Kathy M. - On The Gunflint Trail
"You have to try these things, they are amazing."

Dan H. - Elite Birkie skier
"I like to keep my Skintecs in my car and jump on the trail when I have some time, without bothering with kick wax. They allow me to spend more time on the trail and less in the wax room."


Speedy loves Skintec because he gets high-performance classic skis without taking time to apply kick wax.

Grip modules for different snow conditions

Easy to switch skin grip modules

What Atomic says

The Atomic Skintec with high-performance waxless technology is the premium model for the classic skier who prefers not to use a wax ski.

This ski is all about smooth handling and versatility. With one easy motion, it can be adapted to any snow conditions thanks to two different skin grip modules, which ensure a solid and dynamic kick at all times. The Step Down Sidewall construction distributes power evenly across the entire kick zone, providing the cross-country skier with perfect grip with every step. At the same time, the World Cup coating and symmetrical camber maximize the glide phase. Making the Atomic Skintec the ideal race and training ski for athletic and race-oriented cross-country skiers who prefer to invest their energy in speed rather than waxing.

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