Jan Guenther Loves Skintec

I love Skintec
by Jan Guenther

If  you love to cross-country ski, and really enjoy classic skiing, consider Atomic Skintec. These skis are easy-to-kick and glide better than touring no-wax skis. Skintecs are amazing backup skis to waxable classics or terrific first and only classic ski for those who have no time to wax.

Skintec skis work in all conditions and shine in difficult waxing temps around thaw or when tracks are glazed. To top it off, Skintecs do not make noise when skiing in icy tracks like no-wax classics.

Skintecs kick best if a skier who can weight shift. Therefore these skis reward and support good technique, something many touring, no-wax skis do not.

The kick is generated by two easy-to-change grip modules for different snow conditions. These grip modules kick way better than the mohair strips on the ol' Epokes of several decades ago. Basically these skis kick easy, need just a little glide wax applied on the tips and tails and are super fun to ski. Demo them and pick up a pair of closeouts at Gear West.

Was $564.95
Now $329.95 

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100 to 135 lbs - A whole bunch of skintecs for these weighs

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Easy to change Glide Modules for different snow conditions