Swenor Rollerski Information

Swenor Roller Skis

Swenor Rollerskis, famous for their on-snow feel, have built a reputation as the leading rollerski brand for performance, quality, and value.  Competitive ski racers will appreciate the real ski feel of the Skate Elite, Carbonfiber and Fiberglass Classic skis while junior racers and recreational skiers will find amazing value and performance in the aluminum bodied Skate ski.



The Swenor Skate Elite is the rollerski of choice for skiers looking for the best in performance, durability and on snow feel. Using a composite body, the Skate Elite has a very natural flex, replicating the flex of a skate ski. Precision sealed bearings and high durability wheels, replicate the speed and feel of skiing on even the roughest roads. With three options for wheel speed, you can tailor the Skate Elite to your training and racing needs.


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Flat Top: 1882166
w/ NIS Plate: 1960418



Skiers looking for the best value will find all of the performance and durability they seek in the aluminum bodied Swenor Skate Aluminum model. A perfect choice for skiers of all abilities, the Swenor Skate Aluminum is our ski of choice for our summer rental program as well.


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Flat Top: 1894453
w/ NIS Plate: 1960417



On the classic side of things, Swenor's flagship model is the Fibreglass Classic. Like the Elite Skate, there are three wheel speeds available for Fibreglass, and the cap construction all but eliminates road vibration while providing a smooth ride and a realistic, ski-like kick response.


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Flat Top: 1890195
w/ NIS Plate: 1960419



Lightweight classic skiers looking for a featherweight classic rollerski will find the Swenor Carbonfibre to their liking. The Carbonfibre shares many design elements with the Fibreglass, but in a smaller, more responsive package. The Carbonfibre is not recommended for skiers over 140 pounds.


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Flat Top: 1890196
w/ NIS Plate: 1960423



Finally, for the smoothest ride possible, Swenor offers their Finstep Classic model. Although heavier than their other options, the Finstep provides additional ground clearance and durability and allows users to tackle even the most poorly maintained roads. We especially recommend the Finstep for skiers over 200 pounds.


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Flat Top: 1888300
w/ NIS Plate: 1960420