Advanced Wax Clinics


Become a wax Master! Gear West Service Manager Matt Fox will be presenting a series of 3 advanced wax clinics this January. Each clinic will include tips to maximize ski performance for current conditions, explain common myths, and answer frequently asked questions. Dates and topics are listed below:

January 2nd
- Waxing for current conditions
- Glide Wax Application Technique
- Grind Selection for specific conditions
- Hot boxing + "race hardneing"
- Waxing Equipment

January 16th
- Waxing for current conditions
- Glide Waxing for man-made snow
- Choosing structure, how does it affect glide?
- Pure Flouro Application - liquid, powder, solid

January 30th
- Waxing for current conditions
- Glide wax additives - graphite, molybdemum etc.
- Layering kick wax for long races
- Selecting skis based on conditions