AGING ATHLETES: Tips on how athletes can improve with age

Aim for Fine Wine – Not a Wrinkled Raisin

Tuesday, October 29th 6:30

Gear West Bike & Triathlon

Presented by Dr Odom, owner of Odom Health & Wellness, a state-of-the-art outpatient sports medicine clinic specializing in rehabilitation, nutrition and performance enhancement. Added comments by Jan Guenther, owner of Gear West, and her wisdom gained while recovering from a signican't injury this summer.

Training: smarter not harder

  • Important vitals to monitor and why: V02 max, HRV, HR
  • Variety/cross training + strength. Training hours and intensity. Guidelines on how much to load your body and when?
  • Base fitness importance: maintenance + flexibility
  • Recovery - Your body’s aging process and why ample recovery is so important

Injury: when to worry and why. Injury prevention

  • Signs and symptoms of nagging injuries such as chronic tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis…
  • Acute injuries and how they can morph into a chronic injury if not careful
  • When to address injuries and the best way to do so. PT / Body work / Regenerative treatments & nutrition

Racing: adjusting expectations yet receiving greater benefits

  • Jan’s experience (broken leg and ribs - cycling)
  • John Odom’s experience (broken back - xc skiing)
  • Tips for keeping positivity and making exercise fun and interesting no matter what the obstacles

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