Apparel Accessories

Nothing completes an outfit like accessories. When you think of accessories what is the first thing that comes to mind? A necklace, rings, maybe a watch? There is so much more than that. Apparel accessories can be a hat, buff, over-sized bags, fanny packs, gloves, scarfs, sunglasses and more.

If you do not have accessories at home or simply don’t have enough of them, come on over to Gear West and check out their collection of top name brand apparel accessories. It is always better to leave the house over prepared than under prepared, always expect the unexpected.

Don’t you hate it when the weather is gray and gloomy and you go on a run or bike ride dressed for chilly weather, but then in the middle of your run or ride the clouds dissipate and the sun is now shinning. You are blinded by the light and cannot see where you are going because you did not feel the need to bring your sunglasses. This is why it is always a good idea to wear a small fanny pack to put your phone, sunglasses, and other small trinkets that you may need at any given time.

There are those days that you either over dress or underdress and do not have the necessary apparel accessories to get you through the day comfortably, bringing a duffel bag should always be packed and ready with apparel accessories that you may need such as gloves, hats, an extra water bottle. Be sure to also leave room in it for when you overheat and need somewhere to keep the layers you shed safe.

The next time that you leave your house make sure to stop by Gear West to find all of the apparel accessories you could ever need.