End of IM Training. A New Focus Begins

Posted by Jan Guenther on Jun 13th 2019

I flew into a concrete curb. Figuratively & literally. Last Wed, May 29thmuch of my active life, changed. Ironically this bike crash happened shortly after writing the previous blog, which ex … read more

10 Things to Gear Up for Running

Posted by Catherine Lundgren on Jun 6th 2019

If you’re anything like me, the transition from winter (and ski season!) into summer and run season is always a tough one. Nordic skiing has turned into my primary sport, but after running cross count … read more

Training with Wisdom

Posted by Jan Guenther on May 29th 2019

Age brings slower times, and sorer muscles, but there can be something good attached to wrinkles, and that is wisdom. For me, wisdom brings balance to my training. At least compared to what I used to … read more

Rollerski Best Practices

Posted by Jenny Beckman on May 29th 2019

Where to goIf you are just getting started – stick to the two P’s. Parking Lots.The best spot to gain familiarity with being on rollerskis is an open, flat parking lot. This will give you the opportu … read more

​Finally Scheduled a Bike Fit! Ready to bike now!

Posted by Jan Guenther on May 16th 2019

It’s about time I scheduled a bike bike fit for me. It is truly the story of the plumber with leaky pipes. Not until my carbon bike creaks loud enough for an entire bike group to hear do I schedule a … read more