A Full Summer of Athletic Life.

Posted by Jan on Sep 9th 2021

Two years ago, when I turned 60, I had BIG plans for my little blog. My goal? To note how Ironman training (for Madison Wi) must be modified with age … read more

Winter Goals and Training tips!

Posted by IDK on Sep 2nd 2021

Setting goals is an important part of all training and writing your goals down solidifies your commitment to them. When developing your own goals reme … read more
Bike Fitting at Gear West

Bike Fitting at Gear West

Posted by Ben Harding on Aug 4th 2021

Bike fitting is the process of making a mechanical object fit your unique body to achieve your unique goals. For success, a bike fitter must first lis … read more
July Updates from Jan!

July Updates from Jan!

Posted by Jan Guenther on Jul 14th 2021

Told myself I would update my little blog because some folks actually read it!A new month creates tiny new challenges to support the bigger goals se … read more
Top Five Triathlon Tips

Top Five Triathlon Tips

Posted by Ted Treise on Jul 5th 2021

1. Mimic your race conditions – Chances are you’re not racing alone - training in a group setting for swimming such as masters, a couple groups r … read more
Lutsen Report

Lutsen Report

Posted by Lutsen 69/99er on Jul 5th 2021

Wondering how the Gear West bikes and their riders did? Each Gear West Employee gives an update on their Lutsen event!This was my first year of gettin … read more