APU Training Update: Rosie Frankowski

Posted by Rosie Frankowski on Oct 3rd 2014

This time of year gets so busy I forget how awesome my day to day life is. I get to stay busy by running in the mountains, bounding up hills, racing friends on roller skis and pushing limits every day. It's this lifestyle that makes all the fundraising and business sides of the sport worth it.

Here's an update on what training has been like the past month, complete with pictures to showcase how pretty the Alaskan fall has been.

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Beginning in September our team started a training block focused on intensity, meaning lots of hard L4 intervals and some killer time trials, mixed with the normal distance and strength training we do. Any skier who competed at U.S. Distance Nationals last April knows the Spencer Loop at the Hilltop trails well; we do a bounding loop using the last few hills of that loop. It is fun to try to drop time on the intervals, especially comparing our times from the beginning of the summer to now. We also recently did an uphill running time trial up the Gasline Trail. It was short (11-13 minutes for the ladies) but in my opinion, the shorter the course is, the harder it is. We followed our uphill time trial by a Classic Rollerskiing time trial, the Kincaid Stampede, the very next day. The University of Alaska-Anchorage team joined us for the time trial, making our group probably 30+ skiers strong. The start was a mass start, both men and women, and it was awesome to see such a big group of hardworking athletes. One of the girls I trained with a lot this summer, Mackenzie Kanady, races for UAA and it was fun to be back training together for the day.

I don't have many pictures from those training sessions (a bit too focused on the goals of the day). What I can tell you is we had rainy, cold weather for about 10 days straight which made many of the workouts even more intense. During the classic rollerskiing time trial I was skiing with another teammate into the finish. As we came down the final hill together there was a giant puddle at the bottom. I fortunately had the outside, drier pathway, while he got plummeted by a giant stream of water. The wave literally stopped him in place and drenched him head to toe (which considering he is about six feet tall was rather impressive). Talk about taking one for the team...

Following the three week hard block we had a rest week which allowed me a chance to refocus on school and take my fall APU class, Financial Statement Analysis. APU's MBA program uses weekend intensives (class Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8am-5pm), followed by 5 weeks of online class, to offer more flexibility to graduate students. Lucky for me, David Norris and I are in the same course so he helped me understand some of the accounting terminology during the weekend. I can't say it was the most enjoyable weekend of my life but we made it through the long hours and I learned a lot about interpreting balance sheets, income statements, cash flows analysis and more. This rest week also gave us at chance to do some fun Alaskan adventures and enjoy the absolutely beautiful fall week we had.

Now we are back to the grind and working on another hard block of training. This Saturday I am off to Park City for two weeks for a fall training camp alongside U.S. Ski Team members and fellow elite skiers from around the country. I am excited to see some old friends and have some new training buddies.

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-Posted by Rosie Frankowski on Oct 3rd 2014