Birkie Wax Recs (Fri 1:30PM)

Posted by Josh Doebbert on Feb 19th 2015

The latest weather reports are showing warmer weather for both Friday and Saturday than was previously forecast and there is a very high probability of measureable new snow tomorrow during the day. As a result, we expect the course conditions to be a mix of new and highly transformed snow with both abrasive, shorn off ice crystals as well as a high moisture content. This means that applying a pure fluorocarbon topcoat will be much more important for top end speed than we had previously predicted. For kick wax, durability remains a major focus, but the new snow should make achieving kick slightly easier, especially for skiers in the early classic waves.

Glide Wax Recommendations (Tested Friday, 1:30 pm):

  1. Graphite/Moly: NONE
  2. LF: Start MF10
  3. HF: Swix HF4X
  4. Powder: Swix FC100

Kick Wax Recommendations:
For optimal kick, apply the following layers of wax in order. Be sure to apply each layer as thin as possible.

  1. Swix Green Spray Base Klister, ironed in
  2. Toko Base Green Grip, ironed in
  3. 2 layers Swix V40 Blue Extra, corked in
  4. Toko Base Green Grip, corked in
  5. 2 layers Swix VR30, corked in
  6. Swix V20 Green, corked in

-Posted by Josh Doebbert on Feb 19th 2015