City of Lakes Loppet Wax Recs - Sunday

Posted by Tom Carlson on Feb 6th 2016

2016 City of Lakes Loppet Wax Recommendations - Sunday Skate Race

Saturday Night Low Temp: 30°F
Sunday High: 36°F
Race Start Temp: 32°F

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Baselayer/Underlayer: Start BWLF or Swix LF6X.
Glide Wax: Swix HF7X, HWK HFW2, Toko HF Red 2.0
Fluoro Powder: Swix FC8X or HWK Neuschnee 
Fluoro Block: Swix FC8X ,HWK Warm Block, or Toko JetStream Red 2.0 Block

We tested this morning for tomorrow's skate race.  For the glide test faster to slower in this order: Swix HF6X, Swix HF7X, and HWK HFW2.  Temperatures tonight will remain warm, we are recommending Swix HF7X for tomorrow as the snow is going to have time to warm up.  Swix HF8X did not test well as snow temps are still on the cold side.  Based on experience, even though the air temps will be warmer tomorrow, HF8X will be too much of a liability as the snow temps are acting colder; HF7X will be the wax of choice. 

Fluoro Powders tested from fastest to slowest: Swix HF8X, HWK Neuschnee, and Swix HF7X.  

-Posted by Tom Carlson on Feb 6th 2016