City of Lakes Loppet Wax Recs

Posted by Tom Carlson on Feb 3rd 2016

2016 City of Lakes Loppet Wax Recommendations

Friday Night Low Temp: 18°F
Saturday High: 30°F
Race Start Temp: 22°F

Don't forget, we can wax your skis too. Click HERE for Gear West Premier Wax Service.

Glide Wax - Saturday

Underlayer: Start Basewax Low Fluoro, or Swix LF5X
HF Glide: You need to keep in mind that with new snow, you do not want to wax too warm. Your skis will not be free from the sharp snow crystals. We recommend Swix HF5X, Swix HF6X or HWK HFW3 for glide wax. 

Fluoro Powder: Swix FC100 or Swix FC5X. (We'll be testing more on Friday morning, we will update you)
Fluoro Block: Swix FC6XS Cold Turbo or HWK Cold Fluor Stick

Kick Wax - Saturday (We will be testing Friday for the best kick options, to be updated...)

Binder: Swix VG35, Start Base Wax, Rex Binder Synthetic
Kicker: Swix V40 Blue Extra should be in play, Rode Super Blue might be a solid option as well. Apply your layers as necessary. I generally recommend 4 to 6 layers of wax, all thin. Remember, thin to win!  Swix V50, Rode Violet, or Rode Top Line VO are good options if  you want strong kick on the uphills.
Fluor Kick Cover: Swix VX43, Swix VR40 should be solid. From Start Wax, RF Blue would be a good choice. If you want a little more kick, Start RF Red.

For Sunday's Skate Race - VERY Preliminary! This may change.

Base Underlayer: Start BWLF, or Swix LF5X
Glide Wax: Swix HF7X, HWK HFW2, Toko HF Red 2.0
Fluoro Powder: Swix FC100 or FC7X should be running well.
Fluoro Block: Swix FC6XS Cold Turbo ,HWK Warm Block, or Toko JetStream Red 2.0 Block

-Posted by Tom Carlson on Feb 3rd 2016