Classic Loppet Wax Recs

Posted by Tom Carlson on Jan 30th 2015

The most important aspect of racing the classic loppet is your kick.  Focus on kick before glide.  After testing today at Theodore Wirth, Matt Fox found that Rode "Skare" Blue Special Klister was THE kick wax to go with.  Iron in, and smooth out with hand or cork.  Ironing the klister will be key for durability, as the race is all man-made snow.  If you want to enhance your kick, you could cover with Start Racing Extra Blue

For glide wax, harden your bases with Swix LF4 or Start MF10.  This hardening is key as the snow conditions are quite icy and abrasive at Theodore Wirth.  

Our High Fluor Wax Recommendation is Swix HF5X.  Other harder waxes such as Toko HF Blue or Start HF8 Blue will run well too.  

Fluoro Top Coat: (based on tests this morning)

  1. Start BMR5 Black Magic Block
  2. Toko JetStream Red Powder 2.0 (new version)
  3. Start SFR92 Block 



-Posted by Tom Carlson on Jan 30th 2015