Cold Weather Waxing Tips

Posted by Tom Carlson on Dec 28th 2014

If you want to have the best gliding skis in extreme cold weather try using a Micro Plane Wax Zester. If you zest waxes like Start Green (SG10), Start MF10, or Swix CH4X into a fine powder you can cut the iron temp down by 10° – 15° Celsius. If you follow this trick, you will bond the high plastic content waxes to the base with less heat and do a better job. You need a lot of the fine powder but green wax is much less expensive than base material. The same process can be done with Low and High Fluor racing waxes as well.

  1. Take the cover off the Zester and flip it over to catch the wax shavings.
  2. Grate the wax over the zester as you would a hard cheese. You will need what looks like a lot of wax, but it is mostly air.
  3. Dust the wax onto the base. Use enough to cover the base to the point you cannot see the black base through the wax.
  4. Iron tip to tail with medium down pressure. If you have a bevel on your iron base lead with the beveled edge of the iron.
  5. If you find some thin spots let cool and add more wax and Iron again. The key here is to be sure your base is cool enough to touch it with an iron again.
  6. Let the ski base cool to room temp, then proceed to scrape and brush. You will only need one or two passes down the ski base. Do not hot scrape!





Left picture is good bonding and waxing, Right picture is bad bonding and waxing.  You shouldn't be seeing cracks if you're waxing properly.


As you can see here, this wax has not completely bonded with the ski base.  

-Posted by Tom Carlson on Dec 28th 2014