Eagle Glacier - APU Camp

Posted by Kyle Bratrud on Jul 7th 2014

I just returned from my first trip up to the Eagle Glacier. To say the place was breathtaking would be a major understatement. The Eagle Glacier may be the prettiest place I have ever been on earth. To top that off, the APU facility has everything an athlete would want and need for training (it even has a sauna). We started the week off with a helicopter ride up, courtesy of Alpine Air Alaska. The helicopter pilot, Keith, is an awesome pilot. He made my first helicopter ride quite enjoyable. It snowed for the majority of the camp and we skied many kilometers in a complete whiteout. I had to keep reminding myself it was almost July! The skiing felt like true winter skiing and on the last day we were gifted a beautiful bluebird day with rock hard tracks.

Most of us easily skied over 50k in three hours. Erik Flora made a comment to me that really hit home, between the two camps I am spending up at Eagle I will get well over a month of quality on snow skiing in (most winter months during competition I am around 30-40 hours, at Eagle I will ski two 25 hour weeks). I really felt like I made some technical gains up there and got to ski on classic zero skis way more than I ever have before. I also made the switch to Rossignol Equipment this past year and was able to log my first kilometers on a new brand. The skis were awesome!

We were joined by a few members from the Yukon Elite Team, Collin Abbott and Knute Johnsgaard. These Canadians did some serious cooking and we were able to sample their variety of baked goods all week long. Because it snowed so much, we could not hike off the glacier and again got to fly in the helicopter! It was quite the shock coming down 6,000 feet from white snow to a hot, green environment in a matter of minutes. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of such an amazing experience. I was also able to share this wonderful experience with some of the best skiers in the country/some of my best friends. Skiing at APU has been truly rewarding and I can’t wait to come back for another hard block of intensity! For now however, my legs are tired and I need to rest. Next stop, Spokane, Washington for a relaxing family vacation!

Lots of fresh snow to work with.


Equipment that keeps the Eagle running smoothly!



Fresh tracks for days!
Skiing never got old! Here is David Norris hammering out some K’s.


Pictures do not do the place justice. 




-Posted by Kyle Bratrud on Jul 7th 2014