Family Vacation

Posted by Kyle Bratrud on Jul 11th 2014

This last week felt like it was a day long! I traveled down to Curlew, Washington for the week to spend time with my family. My mom’s side of the family all live out West and it has been two years since I last saw them so it was super nice to catch up. This was a recovery week following our glacier camp so my working out was kept to a minimum. That being said, in my excitement to work out after an unprecedented (for me) two days off, I thrashed my legs for an hour and a half running along the highway the night I got here. That meant I spent the rest of the week nursing my calves back to health. It was also super warm (80-90 degrees everyday) and after coming down from wintry conditions on the glacier it was quite the shock to the body and heart rate. My last few days were very productive, however, it is safe to say my legs feel good again! I am looking forward to starting my second and final intensity block with APU for the summer.

The first week will be just like the previous block with just the APU men, but then we will be joined by the men’s USST and Brian Gregg for the remaining two weeks with the final week ending on the glacier. I am super stoked to see my good friend and longtime training partner Ben Saxton, as he has been out East the last two years.

On another note, Fasterskier recently did a write up on me so check it out! What I really appreciate about the article is how it expresses my appreciation for my coaches. I truly believe I have been under the best coaches in America these last few years and I think it is necessary to point that out. What the article did not point out however, is the foundation for my skiing, my parents.

My parents have supported me both financially and emotionally throughout my short career and I would not be the skier I am without them. I am super blessed to have parents that are willing to let me travel all over just to pursue my dreams of becoming an Olympian in a sport not that many people have even heard of, so thank you mom and dad. A side note to that, my dad has added rollerskiing to his bag of tricks and is looking to take names and move up in waves in the 2015 American Birkebeiner, so watch out world! That’s all I got for now!



Fresh new pair of rollerski boots, thanks Gear West for keeping me in the game!



My cousins got a new pet, Tore. Yes, Tore is a llama.



This quote hung on my cousins’ wall.  I think it relates nicely to ski training.




-Posted by Kyle Bratrud on Jul 11th 2014