Glacier Camp Round 2

Posted by Kyle Bratrud on Jul 31st 2014

Man Camp is officially over! I topped off my 43 hour two weeks of dry land with a 25 hour week on snow. This has been the most productive training block of my life and I have come out the other side feeling surprisingly good. As I mentioned previously, the USST men are up here training alongside APU. It has been great to get to know Noah Hoffman, Andy Newell, and Simi Hamilton and train with them these past weeks. They are all super friendly guys and they have each brought something to each training session. I also met the USST head coach, Chris Grover, for the first time. Grover is quite the character and I am really pumped I got to finally meet him. It was also nice having Jason Cork around up on the glacier. Not only is he a great coach and quite the character himself, he is also an amazing chef and we were treated to some wonderful meals. All in all, man camp was a success and I am excited to continue to carry this momentum back to Minnesota with me. I fly home on Wednesday and plan on training in the cities for as long as I can stand the humidity before heading back up to Marquette.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to a super chill recovery week here in Anchorage. Hopefully it will be filled with many adventures with fellow Minnesotan, Ben Saxton. It has been an absolute pleasure spending my summer in Anchorage and I may even call it a life changing decision. I will certainly miss the APU boys this fall, but hopefully I will be back up here full time next year! See you soon Midwest!

We were greeted with amazing weather the first two days of camp. Eagle glacier may be my new favorite place.


We had a lot of down time in between skis which usually consisted of sitting, sleeping, or eating.  Here is David Norris, Noah Hoffman, and Tyler Kornfield in Eagle’s mini strength room.


Midweek we had some media people come up in this private helicopter from Anchorage to shoot some promotional stuff for APU.  I am happy that APU is being promoted as much as it is and I absolutely love helicopters!


The weather was less than ideal when we flew off, but Keith from Alpine Air Alaska is an amazing pilot and I felt totally safe.


I skied approximately 50 hours on snow this summer.  I am very excited to see how that will translate this winter! Till next time Eagle!


-Posted by Kyle Bratrud on Jul 31st 2014