Grand Opening for Gear West Adrenaline

Posted by Tony Mommsen on Jun 8th 2015

Press Release - June 8th, 2015

What’s that new building in Long Lake?
When driving through Long Lake everyone notices the new structure between Gear West and the Red Rooster. This building is the new home for Gear West Adrenaline  - a unique sports store that carries alpine ski, snowboard, longboard, soccer and lacrosse gear, plus active lifestyle casual clothing. After 22 years, Gear West has moved five times, within Long Lake, expanding from a tiny 800 square foot ski shop to a specialty sports campus of over 20,000 square feet. Now mom can come to Gear West to get her triathlon bike tuned up while dad gets new running shoes and the kids check out the new snowboards and lacrosse gear.

Designed for skis, sports, and casual clothing
People passing by will first notice that the building has a high pitched roof and straight lines similar to a mountain barn: with modern touches like: four long skylights, a shed roof with dark red siding, and a row of high windows. Upon entering, visitors will enjoy the light and airiness only a 30 foot vaulted ceiling can offer. Looking up they will see the balcony of the Alpine ski storage area, the area straight ahead houses longboards, soccer and lacrosse gear, to the left is the intimate space under the shed roof created for casual clothing. The entire interior features clean cream walls accented with wood walls and beams. These details will make customers feel like they are shopping in downtown Aspen without quite the drive.  Orono resident Barb Whitney commented,  “Having quality shops with great customer service this close to home is truly a bonus for us out here in the western suburbs!”

A unique shopping campus
Gear West owners, Jan Guenther and Brian Knutson constructed the new building to bring Gear West Adrenaline closer to their Cross Country Ski and Run store (and Gear West Bike and Triathlon, which has a different owner but shares the same mission of getting people outside and moving). Jan Guenther says, “These three stores will create a unique destination shopping campus. Many people shop at all three stores: lots of  people who bike also enjoy running, cross country skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding. Many of these athletes are also interested in the distinctive clothing they can find at Gear West Adrenaline. Shoppers can check out cool road bikes, pick up some new running shoes and get a cozy fleece sweater in one handy location.”

Look for the Grand Opening June 18-21
The building is complete and merchandise is displayed, it’s time to open the doors! Gear West is celebrating with a Grand Opening June 18th-21sh. The Grand Opening will offer neighbors and sports enthusiasts a first glance at the new building, and activities and offerings at the other two stores for runners, bikers and triathletes. Casual clothing manager, Jennifer Gabrielson says, “We are looking forward to sharing the new Adrenaline with hip spring/summer fashions.” Yes! More cool clothing, soccer, lacrosse, longboards, and Alpine gear. This new addition will add energy and activity to the town of Long Lake.

Gear West Adrenaline
1786 W Wayzata Blvd, Long Lake, MN 55356

-Posted by Tony Mommsen on Jun 8th 2015