Grind Test Results #1

Posted by Tom Carlson on Nov 14th 2014

With the recent snows here in the Midwest, the opportunity to test grinds has finally arrived! Matt Liebsch skied yesterday (11/13/14) at Woodland Hills in Elk River, Minnesota. Conditions during testing consisted of: 17°F, 65% Humidity (+/-10%), 3 day old snow, on snowmobile groomed trails, and groomed 2-3 times. Grind testing was conducted from 8AM to 10AM on a matched test fleet.

According to Liebsch, "I would still consider the snow sharp and on the slower side." The grinds tested were the LJ011, LZ1, LZ2, CD021, LLCJ, "Black Label," and the P5-1C. After testing and a vigorous interval session, the winner grinds determined were the LZ1 and the "Black Label." "The two grinds were quite close in performance," says Matt, "however the 'Black Label' had mid-range and top end speed that trumped everything else."

It was noted that the LZ1 had the best static speed for climbing, which makes sense as it was one of our coldest structures by far. Everything that was tested favored colder conditions. The "Black Label" and LLCJ grinds are experimental grinds that we are currently testing as much as possible. Please stay tuned for more test results and new information on grinds.

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-Posted by Tom Carlson on Nov 14th 2014