Grind Test Results #2

Posted by Tom Carlson on Nov 18th 2014

With another week's worth of weather, Matt Liebsch was able to run another set of grind tests yesterday at Baker Park. Baker had received another 1.5 inches of snow over an existing base of roughly 3-6 inches of more transformed snow. The new snow had been machine groomed and was, in Matt's words, "old, sharp, and slow". The current weather was 7°F with approximately 55% humidity.

As before, Matt tested several skate grinds including the LZ1, LZ2, LJ011, P5-1C, CO021 established grinds as well as the LLCJ and BLACKLABEL experimental grinds. And, for the second test running, the BLACKLABEL grind came out on top, both in static release and top end speed tests. Given the cold conditions and sharp snow, the also LZ1 again ran well, followed by the CD021 and LZ2 grinds.

To round out the rest of the results, the LJ011, LJ011, and C12 all also ran moderately well but did not match the performance of the four winners. We predict that these grinds will all come into their own in more transformed conditions and look forward to continuing to test them over the coming weeks and months to confirm our hypotheses.

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-Posted by Tom Carlson on Nov 18th 2014