Birkie STORIES wanted!

The Birkie experience is created from a fabric of stories so please share yours! 
We would love to hear!

Share with us your fun and warm-hearted, frustrating and slow 8th wave, out of shape but finished with a smile, my binding broke but my kid got me a replacement ski and I swapped bindings and still made the top 200 skier, I left my ski by the porta-potti and it disappeared and I skied on Jan’s GW skis and I weighed a lot more than her, I fell on my big butt ski joring, I contracted a virus and had to poop too many times stories...

Send us your Birkie (or Korte) experience! Why? besides notoriety, YOU will be entered in a Gear West drawing to win a $50 gift card!

Please include:

1. Your event i.e. Birkie / Korte Classic

2. Email address

Email your story to

Please submit your stories by March 15th 

Need more ideas? Tells us about the start, the conditions you met, the skiers around you, water stops, challenging up hills (and down), the skis you raced on, your glide or kick wax secrets, did you like the jokes on B- Hill


The Gear West Crew! 

-Mar 1st 2019