Intensity Block Number One

Posted by Kyle Bratrud on Jun 19th 2014

Here at APU, we are training on a block system. Basically we have three hard weeks in a row followed by an “adjustment” or recovery week. The last hard week of the block is generally on the glacier and consists of hours of quality on snow time. I just finished the first week of this block. I was a little unsure going in to the block how my body would respond as my recovery week leading up to this ended up getting a little out of hand (18.7 hours), but I am pleased with how I feel. This is the best I have ever felt after a 20+ hour week and with two more to come in succession, I am feeling motivated! Next week is really going to fly by and then we will be headed up to the Eagle Glacier for 26 or so hours of quality on snow skiing. I have never been up on a glacier before, let alone in a helicopter, so I am very much looking forward to the whole experience.

This last week has allowed me to settle in with my new surroundings and teammates, both of which have proven my choice to train at APU to be the right one. We did some sweet classic speeds, a serious skate L3 session, and capped it off with an adventure run in the mountains that ended up being the longest single workout I had ever done (just under 4 hours and 30 minutes, weak I know). Skiing behind people like Erik Bjornsen, Lex Treinen, Scott Patterson, Reese Hanneman, Eric Packer, Tyler Kornfield, and David Norris in these sessions is huge for me. It is a great learning experience just to ski behind them and watch their technique. I have also learned that whenever I want to go on some sweet adventure run, Scott Patterson is the man to talk to. I’ve seen more cool sights of mountains, the ocean, and majestic animals with him more than anywhere else.

When I come down from Eagle, I will fly to Spokane, Washington for a much needed recovery week/vacation with my whole family. I will then fly back up to AK for another two solid weeks of intensity ending with a week up on the Eagle with the APU men, the men’s USST, and Brian Gregg. That camp will be a huge opportunity for me to ski with and watch distance skiers like Brian Gregg and Noah Hoffman do work. Shortly after that camp I will fly home and then after a week or so drive back up to Marquette for a little training camp of my own before school starts and then boom, my senior year will begin! Exciting things happening up here at APU! Stay healthy and train hard Midwest!


Post 4.5 hour, 20 mile run through the mountains feast!


The vast landscape of Alaska never gets old.


Took this picture from my bed, moose are EVERYWHERE!


Rocking the Rossignol Pursuit boots for a nice double pole.


Not afraid to get a little dirty this summer.

-Posted by Kyle Bratrud on Jun 19th 2014