Ironman AGAIN at age 57: Entry #1

Posted by Jan Guenther on May 11th 2016

Tuesday 10th of May.

I am four weeks and 10 days into sticking to a training program. Yes I paid a coach to motivate me. My type of motivation is simple-just a plan sent to me. Nothing else. I have the knowledge to train myself but I won’t listen to me. And I will argue internally and it won’t be fun. Having a coach is a treat.

I should look at the entire IM experience as a treat because it certainly is pricy. Even with using my 19 yr old Merlin tri bike, the coaching costs, the time costs, the new wetsuit costs (mine has so many finger nail nicks that it leaks like a strainer) and all the other necessary little tri item costs such as a CHIROPRACTER, add up.


Body work is super necessary if I am going to get thru the IM without soft tissue injury. I feel a tiny bit like Dara Torres. The 5 time Olympic swimmer had a stable of support crew to keep her body as sharp as age would allow. I am treating myself to periodic chiropractic maintenance to breakup adhesions in my glutes, manage knee soreness and to reduce inflammation in my SI joint. Yoga could help too, but unlike Lynne Cecil, my good friend and main GW sales lady, I have little patience for much other than down dog and a few warrior poses.

In the back of my mind, I am thinking that if I reduce gluten perhaps my joints would magically feel supple again? I have read that in others this helps. But I am not that disciplined yet. I will try reducing chocolate. A running partner friend and I made a pact today that we would eliminate two food vices and put something that weighs 5 pounds next to the refrigerator to remind us of what extra blubber might feel like. So by the Afton trail run July 4th we will be lighter and maybe I will experience a mile or two of sheer ease- a feeling that has not happened in a long time while running.

Well it is 8:00 pm. I have put in a full day of work and I need go home to relax a bit and get things organized if I am going to wake up and get in my two times/ week swim. (Just thinking about getting in the water makes me want to fall asleep now, yikes I need to change my attitude, or get more sleep) I had big plans of making a tasty homemade casserole for my senior boy, but I will try again tomorrow. Never enough time!

-Posted by Jan Guenther on May 11th 2016