Jan's Blog - Dreary January

Posted by Tony Mommsen on Feb 8th 2017

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Dreary January
Yikes! I am not sure what is tougher, racing the American Birkebeiner XC ski race or suffering through 6+ days of rainy misty dreary March weather, in January. Actually, what has been tough for me is saying goodbye to my youngest son who left for the military recently. We raise these kids, juggling so hard to be the best parent while building a career/business and then all of a sudden, our kids really do leave and memories of their past 18 years of life flood through my brain.
Without my extremely intense son at home to criticize me when I don’t make hot meals at night.  Or without him thumping all 200lbs of his 6’3 frame down the stairs to share with me, late at night when I come home from the store, some Instagram post from a military leader he admires, life feels a little empty.  
I will move on, I will adjust and I will reflect more on how fast I am traveling in life. Tomorrow is the Ski Show in Denver where I have to finalize all that Gear West will need for winter 2017/2018. It is such a guessing game combined with over 25 years of practice. Colors, sizes, styles of clothing along with skis, boots poles and other winter accessories need to be ordered.  I have to focus on making the best-educated guess. For sure, though, winter is shorter and milder and I will be ordering less down long coats.
Time to wrap up today’s thoughts. When January feels like March, and food in my refrigerator won’t be eaten and my absent son’s Rottweiler is looking forlorn, I feel very unsettled. The best therapy for me is to make sure I get outside and do what I love, which is ski, even if it is only on man-made trails. And talk to my girlfriends, get my store work done and play with my always happy dogs.

-Posted by Tony Mommsen on Feb 8th 2017