Jan's Blog Entry - from a man.

Posted by Jan Guenther on Apr 29th 2015

Not a woman, but would like to comment on being in the 50s.  We competed at high levels as younger athletes and had some successes.  The real game is making your sports and lifestyle meaningful to you as the results change.
Perhaps this is more art than science.  I consider establishing personal value in sport as we age as a deeply artistic process.  It becomes a journey of wallowing in nature, being excited in technical gains, and rejoicing in the activities and your friends we share these activities with.
It can be humbling to not win the race, but we can judge the performance on personal markers and enjoy the environment of racing for what it is; an opportunity to go as hard as possible and not make too many mistakes.  
That said, occasionally we get to actually win a race overall, and that kicks ass.
Again, friends, creativity, and love of being out in nature seem to be key...
... not much different than the glory days, but more recovery.

In response to Jan's request for stories about how people find balance.

-Posted by Jan Guenther on Apr 29th 2015