Man Camp

Posted by Kyle Bratrud on Jul 24th 2014

Time is absolutely flying! Since arriving back in Anchorage, the first intensity week felt like a few days. I had a successful 20 plus hour week with the APU men while the women’s USST camp was going on. This past week, the USST men have been in town for “Man Camp.” We have had a super solid week of training so far and have a week on the glacier to look forward to. The distance skis have not been for the faint of heart (although it is fairly obvious a few are) and the workouts have been blistering fast. Minus a few men, the fastest male skiers in the country are all here in Anchorage right now and it is a really cool thing to be a part of. I can feel myself getting faster every day and to say I am anxious to prove myself this winter would be a massive understatement. Skiing this past week with the best distance skier in the country, Noah Hoffman, has shown me a few things. First of all, Noah is human and just like any of us. Second, Noah is incredibly tough and trains hard (although if you read his blog you already know that). Finally, with a group like APU to train with, I am confident more people like Noah will surface and it will not be long before that happens. I have been praising APU since I arrived and I won’t stop now.

This summer of training has been the hardest I have ever trained and I have taken away more valuable training knowledge than ever before. I am going to enjoy every moment on the glacier with these men because once I come down I will essentially be done training with APU for the summer as I leave July 30th during our recovery week. Reese Hanneman, Scott Patterson, Lex Treinen, Eric Packer, Erik Bjornsen, David Norris, and Tyler Kornfield have all been extremely nice, motivated, and fast training partners and I cannot wait to watch each and every one of them destroy the Supertour and World Cup this year. I hope to join them next year for good! Next stop Eagle Glacier! Bring on week three of the intensity block!

APU weight room.  I am extra tired on lifting days because we generally have hard intervals in the morning followed by an hour double pole warm up before strength begins.


My roommate and training partner Tucker McCrerey made some delicious bruschetta.


Had to throw in a helicopter selfie to express my excitement for another helicopter ride up to the glacier!
My home for the next week, can’t wait!


-Posted by Kyle Bratrud on Jul 24th 2014