March Reflections

Posted by Paige Schember on Mar 25th 2016

March Reflections

What Helped This Year

  • Double Pole Workouts
    One of my biggest weaknesses as a skier is my lack of arm strength. This year we started focusing on double pole workouts as a weekly routine, and I highly recommend them for anyone wanting to improve their classic skiing. After warming up our core muscles, we would pick a route and just double pole for an hour to two hours. It’s so tempting to kick or stride on the hills, but it’s important to keep double poling and focus on changing your tempo to adjust to the terrain.
  • Switching Things Up
    I tried hard to rotate from activity to activity this year, and I think it can make a big difference in your training, mentally and physically. It’s important to keep training fun and exciting, especially when it makes up so much of your time! Even though you aren’t rollerskiing or running, other forms of exercise still count as training. Mountain or road biking, rowing, hiking, swimming, or even chopping wood all work muscles that skiing doesn’t, and take advantage of that!
  • Staying Positive During Tough Times
    I’m not going to lie, it was a tough season. I was sick throughout November and December, and injured for most of January. After putting in hard work all summer and fall, it’s difficult to not complete a full racing season. When it seems like there is so much out of your control, you can still control your attitude, and staying positive about the situation and looking toward the future will make a huge difference in your recovery.

What to Do for Next Year

  • When You’re Sick or Injured, Shut Everything Down
    If you feel like you’re getting sick or injured, stop training. It’s so simple that it’s hard to do. We’re trained to be so in tune with our body, but when it starts to feel off, a lot of times we shove our gut feeling aside and just go train “easy”. Even when the timing of illness of horrible, look at the bigger picture: health now will help you in the long run.
  • Make Sure Your Rest Days Are Really Rest Days
    We all have different versions of “rest” days, because our bodies recover differently. But once you find out what your body needs for real recovery, listen to that! If you recover best by going for an easy ski, do it, but if you recover best by stretching and walking your dog, don’t stress about missing the ski, because you know what’s best for you.

Next week I will be racing my first, last, and only SuperTour races of the season at Spring Series in Craftsbury, VT! At this point I’m just happy to be toeing the line again and getting excited to start training smart for next season.

Happy training! Paige

-Posted by Paige Schember on Mar 25th 2016