Mora Vasaloppet - Wax Recs Updated

Posted by Tom Carlson on Feb 11th 2016

2016 Mora Vasaloppet - Wax Recommendations

Saturday Night Low Temp: -19°F
Sunday High: 8°F

Glide Wax

Underlayer: Swix LF4X, Start MF10, Rex Graphite (LF or RCF)

Glide Wax: Swix HF4X BW, Start MF10 (2 layers for durability), Rex HF Graphite, or HWK SP7 & HWK Polar Extreme Silber

Fluoro: Swix FC6XS Block, Start SFR92 Block, HWK Cold Silber Block, Toko JetStream Blue 2.0 Block, Rex TK-72

The snow will be older and transformed at Mora, with the addition of man made snow.  The Swix HF4X BW will probably be the best choice to face the conditions.  HWK Polar Extreme Silber or  Rex HF Graphite might be a solid choice as well.  The key here is being prepared for cold dirty snow, you'll want the hardest wax you have in your wax box. Use the coldest fluoro block you have.  Toko JetStream 2.0 Blue Block or Start SFR92 tend to do well in older colder snow.  

Kick Wax - UPDATED

Binder: Blue Klister Ironed in.  Rex Blue Klister, Rode Blue Special Klister K10, or Swix KX30 Blue Klister will be fantastic.  This will serve as a binder and kick.  Be sure to shorten your pocket.  The Blue Klister should look like glass after ironing and smoothing.  Remember: Thin to WIN!  The main take away point is that you want durability.

A second option would be Swix Spray Klister mixed with Start Grip Tape.

A third option would be Swix Spray Klister and Rex Green PowerGrip mixed as a binder

Kick: See Binder...  Blue Klister will provide the bulk of your kick.  

Kick Covering: Swix VR30 will be a good choice for most skiers offering a great balance between kick and glide.  The VR30 will help prevent icing on your klister as well.  Rex ProGrip Green will also serve as an excellent cover.  

If you used Rex Green PowerGrip, you'll want to cover it, as it can be grabby from time to time.

You may want to make your kick wax zone slightly shorter, in your klister pocket, as most of this course is not super hilly. But enough to climb the few hills there are on the Vasaloppet course.

-Posted by Tom Carlson on Feb 11th 2016