Nationals Classic Recap, Salomon Prolink and Carbon Classic Ski

This past Sunday was a great day for me, actually my best classic result at Nationals ever. I finished 9th, 37seconds from the podium and less than a minute from the win. I have won SuperTour classic races before but for some reason I have never had a good classic result at Nationals, due to issues with illness.  It was a prefect day for classic racing with newer snow, mid-winter conditions and temps. Hardwax was awesome and blue extra was skiing great. Kick was easy to find but over waxing was a slight possibility. I ended up racing on a new pair of the Salomon Carbon Classic skis. From some pictures and videos I found on the internet, it looks like Jessie Diggins is racing those as well at Tour de Ski.

The Salomon Carbon Classic skis are so incredibly light but carries wax well (longer pocket than past Salomon classic skis) and kicks extraordinarily well. The tip pressure is unbelievable smooth and the tips are very flexible; the ski hugs the tracks effortlessly. Glide on my two pairs are better than any Salomon ski I’ve tested and competitive with the very best from other brands. I'm super excited that Salomon is investing so much in classic now that they have the carbon skate gear so dialed. FYI, I raced on a NEWER classic grind from Gear West, a variation of the basic LJ02. We will be naming and offering this grind very soon. It has great break-away speed and top-end is not hindered at all from the standard awesomeness of the LJ02.

For those that have not heard yet, Salomon is coming out with a new binding system to compliment their SNS lineup. Read more HERE.  Basically, Salomon is now offering boots that will work on both SNS and Prolink/NNN platform. I have tested the new Salomon Prolink S-Lab classic boot and love the fit and feel of the entire setup. I was not able to race this new system at nationals because I only have one Prolink binding and testing across multiple binding platforms on racing morning was going to be too much. I am looking forward to skiing Prolink in classic races in the future. The ski feel and closeness of the foot to the ski is excellent. Pairing this with the new Carbon Classic ski is a big step forward in classic skiing performance. Exciting stuff! Hopefully we can get a few more pairs of skis and bindings to continue testing this great Salomon gear.

-Posted by Matt Liebsch on Jan 7th 2016