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Posted by Tom Carlson on Oct 27th 2015

New and Old Stock Arrivals fresh from Finland! We are carrying the new Rex Wax Racing Service Line. This line was specifically designed for the high demand for durability, speed, and peformance of the World Cup. The line consists of seven new waxes for Rex. New Fluoro Powders include "63" and "342". For Gliders, HF11, HF21, and finally HF31.  On the kick wax front, which intregues quite a bit, the new Rex Grip Powder and TK-1814 Grip Wax. Fluoro Powder 63 is specially designed for old/dry snow. It's a mixture of fluoro and graphite and we are excited to test it out as soon as it snows! Here in the Midwest, graphite has the potential to make very fast skis in old cold and windblown snow.  This isn't true all the time, but there has certainly been a fair share of races won on graphite products.  Rex is legendary for their graphite products, especially RCF Black. Fluoro Powder 342 is designed for coarse moist snow applications, definitely a bonus with early or late season racing on man-made snow races. Both of these new Fluoro products, we will be testing as soon as the snow arrives, and conditions are ideal for testing applications. The Racing Service Line High Fluoro Gliders are interesting and have our curiosity.  We've tested HF31 once, but we definitely require more testing of all three of these waxes.  At first glance, HF21 is a harder wax for the temperature range of -2°C to -8°C. This quality increases durability greatly.  Many companies have slowly been realizing that warmer waxes should not necessarily be soft.  For some time now, we have been adding hardeners to waxes to increase durability and the ability to release from the snow. TK-1814 is a specially designed fluorinated kick wax for man-made snow conditions.  We haven't tested this wax yet, but it looks promising for abrasive man-made snow.  There is a mix of fluoro and pine tar in TK-1814.  Not pictured above is the Rex Grip Powder.  According to Rex, this product is designed to speed up glide properties of kick wax.  This is essentially a more economical option than adding TK-820 to kick wax. Matt Fox has the Grip Powder and is quite excited to be tesing it as soon as conditons condone. 

Speaking of coving kick wax, Rex Hydrex is back! and with a new container for easier application. The Spray applicator will make covering kick wax and klister quick and easy.  Matt Liebsch won the City of Lakes Loppet with Hydrex covering his kick wax for wicked fast skis!

Not only did we get new products from Rex, but a decent number of old, hard to find waxes.  We ordered the last of the Rex RCF Black 200g and is perhaps the best option on the market for race level graphite.  At Gear West, we really appreciate the quality of graphite that Rex is producing.  The graphite particles are much smaller than most other graphites.  This provides greater graphite penetration of the ski base material.

The kick waxes you see in the bottom right hand corner of the picture are Mäntyranta synthetic and fluorinated (blue cap). Mäntyranta is very fast and provides great kick in cold fresh snow. An excellent option for covering kick waxes to increase speed as well.  

Important note: Both RCF Black and Mäntyranta are technically no longer in production.

Specifically for teams or those who love purchasing bulk wax, we have 300g Rex LF Black. This can make very fast skis!  Rex LF Black/Graphite has only 1% less fluor than the older RCF.  All the other properties, are just the same.  

Finally, we restocked Rex TK-820 this year as well.  TK-820 is a great fluoro powder for colder snow conditions. We haven't had this instock for some time. TK-820 will definitely be in the mix of our test fleet this year, in our search for the fastest wax on race day!

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-Posted by Tom Carlson on Oct 27th 2015