October Focus

Posted by Paige Schember on Oct 31st 2015

October, in my opinion, is the hardest month of the whole year. October is a month focused around perfecting your fitness, technique, and training, because the race season is right around the corner. But it doesn’t help that we’re usually already physically and mentally exhausted. We’ve been rollerskiing for around 6 months by now, and we’re getting sick and tired of being on dryland. The repetitive summer hours have put their wear and tear on our bodies and motivation. It feels like October takes forever.

But! I’m here to vamp you up. While this month is so hard, Thanksgiving is sooner than we think! There are flurries of snow around the country, so you can let yourself get excited. All of the hard work that we have put in will soon pay off, and we’ll be able to remember why we rollerski, run, bike, paddle, lift, and work our butts off in the summer.

So although your mind may want to wander, it’s important to remember two things as we near the end of October. First, each and every workout counts right now. The higher quality the workouts, the better, because they are priming you for racing. Focus on technique, breathing, and pushing yourself over the hills. Take your easy workouts and make them actually easy, and challenge yourself in the hard workouts.

Which leads us to the second thing to remember: listen to your body. If you find yourself in a slump and starting to feel tired or sick, give your mind or body the break it needs. The main work of the year has been done and trying to squeeze in hours here or there will only hinder your performance. What important now is staying happy and healthy until the snow and racing season starts.

As for me, I’ll be in Canmore, BC Canada for the start of November training on Frozen Thunder. After a brief break back home in Sun Valley, we head to West Yellowstone for Thanksgiving, and I hope to see a lot of you out on the trails. Feel free to say hi!

Happy training!


-Posted by Paige Schember on Oct 31st 2015