Race Wax on a Budget

Posted by Tom Carlson on Dec 1st 2015

Racing on a budget? Yes, it can be done!

Maybe your next race isn’t a priority race, or perhaps you don’t want to spend a lot on wax. There are ways to make very fast skis without breaking the bank. An economical race waxing option can be done with a low /medium fluoro wax and cover the paraffin with a perfluoro block or liquid.  In certain conditions, it can be the one of the fastest options. 

Waxing with a low or medium fluoro wax has the glide properties that you desire with a wax that contains fluoro, but obviously, not quite as expensive as high fluoro. Yes, it doesn’t have the fluoro content that HF waxes have, but you can still utilize it for races. The fluoro content of a low or medium fluoro wax still provides the ability of bonding paraffin to a pure fluoro substance. In the case of economical solutions, our pure fluoro substances would be fluoro block and liquid.

Fluoro block and liquid can go a long way in use, fluoro block especially. Depending on the amount of usage, a block of perfluoro can last you years. The benefit of a fluoro block is that you can hand cork it, roto cork, or burn it in, just as you would with fluoro powder. These application processes provide the durability you want for racing. Liquids are more ideal for shorter races, sprint races to 10 kilometers.

According to legendary wax tech Lars Svensson, most junior skiers in Europe are racing on medium fluoro paraffin, covered with a block and or liquid.

Below are different options from the various brands available at Gear West: Swix, HWK, Start, Rex, and Toko.


Swix is always a great wax to be racing on! At Gear West, we especially love Swix LF4X, LF5X, and Swix FC6XS Cera F Solid Cold Turbo. Think about mixing in Swix LF3X into LF5X sometimes, especially in colder, slightly more humid snow.


HWK Ski Wax is a new brand for Gear West this year, but we are very excited about using it this winter.  LFW3 and LFW2 are great LF Waxes, and very simple to understand.  LFW3 is definitely going to pack a punch in the cold Midwestern snow of Wisconsin and Minnesota for hardness and speed.  Reflecting the blue and red parafin waxes in the HWK LF line, HWK has a Cold Fluorstick and Warm Fluorstick, seriously simple and fast.  I highly recommend you think about purchasing the HWK M-Silber Fluorstick as well.  This is a rockstar fluoro block in older cold snow or dirty snow.  However, one note for the M-Silber block, do not iron it.  Only hand or roto-cork in this block perfluoro.  


Start Wax is a staple wax in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Start MF10 (previously known as LF08) is legendary in cold snow conditions. MF10 is a wax that can outrun HF Waxes in colder snow. In cold, dry snow, too much fluoro can slow the skis down. Start MF10 is a fantastic option at the American Birkebeiner.  SFR92 Block is a strong option for old/transformed snow.  


Did someone say graphite? Rex makes extremely high quality graphite products. Rex LF Black Graphite are fantastic for controlling static in cold new snow. The snow crystals have to be new and sharp for graphite to be running. Rex Blue is well known in the midwest as a great all around wax in the Midwest. Try Rex LF Blue someday!

Rex TK-72 is a "must have" wax no matter where you ski. Definitely one of our favorites for cold snow conditions.


Toko's race waxes have always run well in the Midwest Marathon Circuit. Toko LF Blue can be magical in areas with lake effect snow. One of Gear West's new favorite fluoro blocks is the Toko JetStream Red 2.0. This is a phenomenal fluoro block! In transformed snow, it can run very well even in temperatures colder than the recommended range.

Other Tricks for Race Waxing!

BLUE THUNDER!! Speedy’s favorite for warm and humid snow conditions! Rex Blue mixed 1:1 with Toko HF Red! This combination can make wicked fast skis in warmer humid snow!

Rex TK-72 mixed with Swix LF3X Powder. Very fast combination for cold snow conditions and used at the 2015 Minnesota State High School Meet!

-Posted by Tom Carlson on Dec 1st 2015