Rest Week

Posted by Kyle Bratrud on Aug 8th 2014

I am writing this post from my apartment in Marquette. It has been a rather fast turnaround since coming home from Alaska. I have a friend’s birthday and another friend coming home that I haven’t see in a year next week. So I chose to spend a few days at home and then get up to Marquette for this week. I am getting settled back into the apartment I lived in last year. I forgot how much I love Marquette and my little man cave. Life is rather simple right now, especially without school work and I am looking forward to a very productive first week of my latest intensity block. This past week which was spent in Anchorage and Eden Prairie, was a recovery week for me and I am proud to say I held myself to ten hours of training. It is super important to get enough rest in after a hard block (88 hours for July) and recover for the next one. I am looking to continue to follow APU’s training format from Marquette and home these next few weeks. I am also looking forward to getting on the rollerski treadmill we have here at NMU at work with my Collegiate Coach of the Year, Sten Fjeldheim. It is crazy that this will be my final year here in Marquette! Time to make the best of it!

Had to snap this picture of two of the three sprint globes Kikkan has won.  It was incredible looking at all of the awards Kikkan has won over the year.


I ran past this sign almost every day and on my last run in Anchorage, I finally remembered to take a picture of it.  Not your typical Minneapolis sign. (Sorry for the haze, I was running so fast I fogged up my camera lens)


I was able to get this shot of Anchorage shortly after takeoff.  It was bittersweet leaving APU.  While I love home and am excited about my senior year at NMU, I cannot wait already to be back at APU.


I had to take one final picture of Alaska.  Although this is a pretty sweet picture, I still don’t think any picture will do the beauty of Alaska justice


-Posted by Kyle Bratrud on Aug 8th 2014