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Posted by Jan Guenther on May 4th 2015

Hi Jan,

Trail Mix RaceI am so excited to share this story. I have struggled with my weight all my life and two years ago I changed my life, hopefully forever. Back then, I was not an athlete but I always loved to walk. One of my friends asked me to come to Florida to care for her son for 11 days while she was in Europe. I prayed to God for guidance to lose weight.  I have always wanted to parasail, but my weight was over the limit by 40 lbs. My friend Sue Crawford called me out of the blue and asked me to go to Weight watchers.  I did and went on to lose 97 lbs in one year. Weight Watchers had a program that allowed you earn points for exercise.  So I started walking. I purchase Nordic walking poles and established a ritual of walking three miles each morning at a park near my home. After a short time, I felt strong enough to enter the Monster Dash 5k Halloween day in 2013. I ran to finish the race but was pretty slow. After that event, I’ve focused on improving my time for each race. For the first few 5ks, I would do a mixture of running and walking. Eventually, I was able to run a whole 5k.

After a while, I signed up for the Mound Anytime Fitness and their run club. Every Saturday morning I join the other members for a group run. In time, I joined the club’s P2 program in which members commit to planking for 4 minutes and 100 push ups each day. Working out with a club really helps me stay focused.

I am a mother of an awesome 12-year-old and we’ve done a race together. I love the example I am setting. I believed I could lose weight and get more fit and I did.

This spring I finished a 50k at Lake Rebecca, which was one of my goals before I turn 50 in September. I love being fit and able to do so much more than I ever did. I love proving it is not in our genes, it is in our minds. We are never too old to start a better way of life. The friendships I have gained are amazing. working out with friends has helped me achieve my goals. I lost the weight by with the support of my friends and I do not want to gain it back. I fit exercise into my day by going to the gym for classes and by belonging to groups that hold me accountable. If anyone would have told me two years ago that I would belong to a gym and I would be a runner I wouldn’t have believed them. My life is so much better since I’ve lost my weight and gotten into shape. I would love to inspire others to change their life and become fit.


Ronda in a long-time neighbor of mine and provided daycare for both of my sons for over 10 years.

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-Posted by Jan Guenther on May 4th 2015