Rollerski training has started!

Posted by Matt Liebsch on Jun 10th 2014

After the long and stressful race season that involved my pinnacle goal of making the 2014 Olympic Team (that didn't, but did, but didn't happen... long story), I was ready to take it very easy this spring which involved a lot of running and biking and BBQ-ing. Normally I take May 1st as my call to action date for the beginning of training. That date was moved back to June 1st this year to allow for complete R&R.

After only biking and running for the past few months I was a little apprehensive to jump back onto rollerskis. To my pleasant surprise, I found my first session on the rollers very medicinal. Besides being a great workout, I found that the summers and autumns that I have focused a lot of volume/energy/intensity on rollerskiing I had my best race seasons. I am excited to be rollerskiing on Swenor again this summer and below is a few video on product reviews but also a quick recap of what entails a specific strength workout.

Happy training, skiers are made in the summer!


Specfic strength workout

Swenor Fiberglass Classic Product Reviews

Swenor Carbonfibre Classic Product Reviews

-Posted by Matt Liebsch on Jun 10th 2014