Seeley Hills Classic Wax Recs

Posted by Thomas Carlson on Jan 12th 2016


Seeley Hills Classic Wax Recommendations:

Friday Night Low Temperature: 6°F / -14°C
Saturday High Temperature: 8°F / -13°C

Glide Recommendations:

The snow is going to be cold and mostly new snow. We highly recommend Start MF10 or Swix HF5 mixed with Swix LF3 Powder. These glide waxes are the king when it comes to skiing the Birkie Trail on new fresh snow.

Fluoro Recommendations:

When dealing with fresh cold snow, corking in fluoro blocks are often the safest and fastest route. Good Old Rex TK-72 will be fast and other choices Swix FC6XS Cold Turbo block, Toko JetStream Blue 2.0, and Start SFR92 will all be in play as well. In cold snow, the Start MF10 covered in a fluoro block tends to speed up as you ski it in.

Kick Recommendations:

Binder: Iron in and smooth out durable binders such as Swix VG35, Start Base Binder, or Rex Binder
Synthetic Kick Layer: Cork in multiple layers of Swix V20, Start Synthetic Green, or Rode Green.  If you lean on the side of speed go for Rode Green Special!  Swix V20 will be a solid and safe all around kick wax this weekend.
Fluoro Kick Covering: This will speed up the synthetic layer that provides the bulk of your kick action. Apply a thin layer of Swix VR30 or Rode Green Special.  Rode Green Special isn't fluorinated, but is harder and will speed up any kick wax that is softer.  

-Posted by Thomas Carlson on Jan 12th 2016