Shocking! Graphite

Posted by Tom Carlson on Dec 30th 2014

It's cold again and it is time to use graphite to control the static that comes along with cold dry snow. Here is a great video on how we apply graphite very quickly.

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Run the roto-brush slightly slower than normal, as to ensure full application into the base. After roto-brushing in the graphite wax, you can apply either a blue or green wax as the final layer and to harden off the bases.

Another way to apply graphite is to use a zester to shave the wax into a form that easily penetrates the amorphous zones of the base. Mixing the graphite, such as Rex RCF Grpahite, into Start SG10 or Start MF10 can produce exceptionally fast skis in biter cold DRY conditions!  Just use the zester to shave the Green and Graphite waxes together, generally use more of the green than the graphite.  Then iron the wax in as normal.  

If the snow is dry enough, graphite can be skied on as is, with no other wax. Deciding if you should mix graphite or ski on graphite alone, generally requires testing for a race. When it comes to racing, using it as a base layer wax will be the safest way to go.

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-Posted by Tom Carlson on Dec 30th 2014