SISU Ski Festival Wax Recommendations

Posted by Tom Carlson on Jan 9th 2015


Make sure your bases are hardened off for this race.  It has been wicked cold in the UP of Michigan.  


Harden off base with a good cold wax.  We recommend Start SG10 or Swix CH4.  After scraping and brushing, polish with a finer Fibertex.  This really helps to polish the base.  More polished and shiny = fast skis in cold snow!  

After initial hardening, use Start SG Graphite, Rex Graphite, or Star MAP Black as an anti static layer.  Lately non fluorinated Graphite layers have been testing faster than fluorinated graphites up in the UP.    

Final Layer:  Start MF10 will be very fast and safe.  This is perhaps the best cold and dry weather wax there is.  Racers at nationals were racing on MF10 as well.

After waxing with Start MF10, polish again with a fine Fibertex until  you nearly see your face in the base of your ski.  Again, a shinny polished base will equate to fast skis in super cold snow conditions!

Lately, Fluoro powders rotocorked in have been working better than blocks or burning in powder.  MF10 on it's own will be very fast.  But if you want fluoro, we recommend corking powder into your skis.  Start SFR75 or Swix FC6X would be excellent choices.

1. VG35 or Start Base Binder (ironed in!!)
2. 2 VERY THIN layers of Rode Multigrade, cork in.
3. Rode Green Special, Start Synthetic Black, or Swix V20 Green (cork in).
4. Cover layer of Swix VR30, Rex ProGrip Fluor Green (cork in final layer)

If you're less concerned with glide, and want super kick. Cover step 3 with Start Terva Black. Still super fast and great kick in fresh cold snow!

-Posted by Tom Carlson on Jan 9th 2015