Skate Loppet Wax Recs

Posted by Tom Carlson on Jan 31st 2015

The glide waxing for tomorrow will depend on if it snows or not tonight. New snow mixed with the old can change the game.  But either way, harden your bases with one of the following: Start SG10, Start MF10, Swix CH4, or Swix LF4.

High Fluoro Glider

If it doesn't snow tonight:  

  1. Swix HF5BWX
  2. Start BM6 Glider
  3. Toko HF Blue + Toko HF Black

If it snows, you will want a clean HF Glide Wax.

  1. Swix HF5X
  2. Start HF10

Fluoro Top Coats

  1. Start SFR 75
  2. Toko JetStream Blue 2.0 Powder (new JetStream, not old)
  3. Swix FC5X or Swix FC100


-Posted by Tom Carlson on Jan 31st 2015