Spring Skiing

Posted by Paige Schember on Mar 20th 2016

March Blog – Spring Skiing

Oh my goodness it’s March. It sometimes feels like we blink and the racing season is over. After spring series comes our coveted month off – April, and then it’s back into full time training again. Spring skiing provides fantastic opportunities for any skier, whether you’re racing at Spring Series, Junior Nationals, NCAAs, or elsewhere, or even if you aren’t racing! There are a few things I love to focus on in the spring.

1. Technique
Spring skiing is sloppy. And it’s so easy to throw in the towel and admit that you know everything there is to know because you’ve been racing all season. So spring is a great time to stop and reevaluate and work on your technique, especially in all of the slush! While you’re skiing easy, focus on small things you focused on in the beginning of the season. Have they gotten any better? Or did getting wrapped up in racing put them on the back burner? Use the lack of race pressure to focus on the little things.

2. Goals for Next Season
Now that you have a season to look back on, use spring to find out what you want to change for next year! What worked for you and what didn’t? Did you reach your goals? Why or why not? What are some new goals to set for next year and what will you do to reach them? How can you prevent or persevere through the bumps in the road? What can you control to make yourself a better, or happier, skier?

3. Loving Skiing!
It’s spring and you’re skiing! Sometimes we get so exhausted by the end of the racing season that we forget to stop and realize how lucky we are. We’re so excited to get off the snow that we forget what it feels like to be in a snowless December, how we’re begging for any flakes we can get. So although the racing is done, use the spring to fall in love with skiing all over again, enjoying the snow and freedom you have.

Thanks to SkinnySki for the great photo of the Birkie, and congratulations to everyone! Have a wonderful spring!


-Posted by Paige Schember on Mar 20th 2016