START's New Glide Wax Series

Posted by Start Wax on Nov 21st 2014

Start reformulated its entire wax line for winter 14/15.
Start’s 4 primary grades of Gliders are now SG, LF, MF & HF.


  • SG with no Fluor - no humidity and/or dirt
  • LF with around 5% Fluor - low humidity and/or dirt
  • MF with around 10% Fluor - medium humidity and/or dirt 
  • HF with around 20% Fluor - high humidity and/or dirt

Start is the #2 Wax company in the world and the inventor of the longer chain length (harder) waxes like Start Green. Start's glider number system (2, 4, 6, 8 10) is based on molecular chain lengths. Higher #'s are harder waxes for colder weather due to their longer molecular chain lengths. #10 is Start Green is the coldest (longest chain length) wax. But you can just refer to Start's colors.


  • 10-Green is the wax of choice when it is extra cold, below 14F.
  • 8-Blue is for most cold days, 10-20 F
  • 6-Purple for the most pleasant and consistent days, 19-28F
  • 4-Red for getting warm and icy, 27-32F
  • 2-White for it is too warm, above 32F

Choose the wax number/color based on the temps. Then choose SG, LF, MF or HF and a finishing wax, based on the relative humidity/moisture and/or dirt, and your aspirations.

What traditionally has been Start LF08 is NOW Start MF10, a gold standard for racing in cold, dry snow conditions.

-Posted by Start Wax on Nov 21st 2014