Strength, Endurance, Etc

Posted by Tony Mommsen on Aug 11th 2015

(another installment of my efforts to qualify for the First Wave of the American Birkebeiner)

The last couple week have gone pretty well
Strength - I’ve been heading down to LA Fitness and doing my one hour strength regimen 3x/wk. It’s really been enjoyable, but I’ve required a quite a bit of assist for pull-ups and dips - and whimping out on a few other elements as well. I’m mainly getting used to the machines - ramping up the resistance a bit each week. 

Endurance - A week ago I worked pretty hard over the weekend - each day included rowing, 4hr canoe high winds and whitecaps, and some swimming - it took another couple days to recover.

Kathy and I canoed the length of Upper Bottle Lake the crossed Lower Bottle into a ¾ headwind (whitecaps) on the leeward end of the lake - it was nearly impossible to hear each other shouting in the wind. We managed to keep most of the water out of our canoe. We then cut through a marshy bay - sighting trumpeter swans and five signets, loons and two chicks, and an osprey diving for fish. The marsh emptied into a beautiful stream - into Ema Lake. Another stream and out into Big Sand Lake - with bigger waves yet. By the time we retraced our route we were both exhausted.

(a couple weeks ago)
New Yorker - Enrique Cubillo demonstrated his spikeboarding
(said, by Enrique, to be a perfect train method for cross country skiing) at Gear West a couple weeks ago. Enrique is a super athlete (he raced Matt Liebsch up a California mountain - spike board against roller skis - Matt won) and knows bike racing, stand up paddle boarding and sports physiology. Enrique was interested in my First Wave Project - when I describe my current program he said “Buddy, you’re running out of time - you’ve got to ramp up your workouts - you should be doing four roller ski workouts a week.”
Here's a video of Enrique on a Stand Up Spikeboard to give you an idea.

Last Friday I had my annual physical - upon hearing about my First Wave Project, my doctor suggested I “start out easy, bodies your age take longer to heal if injured.” When I mentioned the “start out easy” suggestion, Kathy said “Well, you don’t have to worry about that” Meaning what? At the doctor, my weight read as 204. The scale at Gear West shows 201. I think it’s a bit heavy.

Both Lynne (Birkie Champ) and Speedy say I need to do a long workout every 7-10 days. That would be 3hr on roller skis or 4hr on a bike. I’m a long way from being able to do a 3hr rollerski (1hr is my style right now). So I did nearly 4hr bike this Saturday. St Louis Park - Roseville - St Paul - back through Lilydale - Minnehaha - and home. I was pretty wiped. So, the long workout is something I really need to get into my schedule.

-Posted by Tony Mommsen on Aug 11th 2015