The Magic of Swix LF3X

Posted by Matt Fox on Feb 8th 2016


One of the most common questions I am repeatedly asked is "What are you using to make so skis fast." I know this is kind of a general question but the answers and discussions that fallow are always different with a few underling constants. I have noticed through all the interactions of talking about what products I depend on and what I am testing on race mornings that Nordic ski racers are not using Swix LF3.

I use LF3 almost every week in some capacity. I use it to harden softer waxes, to increase durability by mixing it with HF5 or adding it to pure fluoro powders or even solids. During testing for the 2015 American Birkebeiner I tested over 10 combinations involving LF3.

Simply rub on your fluor block on to the ski base, and sprinkle Swix LF3 over the block.  Iron in together at 155°C.  You'll have to scrape the top layer off lightly with a plexi glass scraper.  Finally, brush the ski base out with a soft nylon or Cera F brush.  

A few notable LF3 combos:

Next time you're testing waxes, mix in a little Swix LF3, and see what happens.

-Posted by Matt Fox on Feb 8th 2016