Thursday Kick Wax Test for Birkie

Posted by Brian Knutson on Feb 18th 2016

Thursday, Feb. 18th
1:00pm - Baker Park

Air temp. +40f -- Snow was wet and very fine grained.
10 combinations were tested

Best were:
Start Plus Universal (+1 - +10)
Swix Universal (-3 - +10)

What did not work
We were able to get some kick with Rex Brown and Rex Gold but we expected them to work better than they did. Grip tape did not kick at all.

Too early to know exactly what will work best at the Birkie
It is still too early to pick the kick wax for Saturday. It will depend a lot on what the rain does to the texture of the snow. It could transform to a much coarser consistency than the super-fine snow we tested on this morning. 

-Posted by Brian Knutson on Feb 18th 2016