Time for a Wave Upgrade: 5 Quick Tips for the Busy Skier

Posted by Jenny Beckman on Sep 14th 2018

The Nordic ski season is right around the corner! The first ski marathon is just over 100 days away, so now its time to start training! Not everyones has 8 hours a day to commit to training or even 2 hours, so its even more important to optimize your time! Here are 5 quick tips to help keep you on track! 

1. Focus on your core – Good ski technique, be it skate or classic stems from double pole. And the key to good double pole is core strength! Try adding 20 – 30 minutes of sustained double poling into your ski workouts, and supplementing that work with core strengthening exercises like plank holds, or Russian twists with a medicine ball.

2. Build your engine – Another key to being able to go faster, is being able to go the distance! Long 2 – 3 hour efforts once or every two weeks is a great way to build your baseline fitness. It’s not always about how fast you go when you’re planning on going far.

3. Don't be afraid to mix it up – Make ski specific training your focus, but supplement other activities! Paddling with friends, running with the dog, biking on single track, or hitting up a hard group fitness class are all great options when you are feeling tired of the same old, same old. Remember, a training plan is more like guidelines than actual rules ;)

4. Rollerski, Rollerski – It’s true what you’ve heard, skiers are made in the summer and fall. Focusing on technique improvement and ski specific fitness is a way I have seen countless people make considerable leaps in performance year after year.

5. Improve your eating habits to optimize your recovery! Abs are made in the kitchen, and so are Birkie results. Looking for an easy way to make sure healthier groceries make it into your house? Shop the perimeter of the grocery store! Ever notice that is where all the fresh stuff is? Produce, protein, along with the right mix of carbs and healthy fats will ensure your body has the fuel it needs to reach your goals.

-Posted by Jenny Beckman on Sep 14th 2018