Wax Week Brand Highlight - Fast Wax

Posted by Dan Meyer, Fast Wax on Jan 21st 2014

The development of the Fast Wax Ski Wax line began in the late 1980's with several years of testing. The transition to production and retail sales began in 1994, with an uncompromising mission to produce top quality ski waxes at a reasonable price. Two unique factors contribute to the success of Fast Wax: broad effective temperature ranges that create superior performance, and a streamlined manufacturing system with an efficient supply chain of high quality USA products that ensures low costs.

All Fast Wax products are an engineered blend of several waxes, each selected for a key property to form an exceptional ski wax. Fast Wax products iron in smoother, scrape and brush out easier; especially Fast Wax’s superior performing cold weather waxes. This selective blending process, combined with their unique environmentally friendly fluoro compound, gives Fast Wax skier's an advantage in speed and durability over other products. Designed for all skiing and riding from recreational to racing, count on their line of waxes to get you on the podium.

Fast Wax is especially well known for their cold weather waxes. Developed and tested in Minnesota, Fast Wax HS 0 White has become a gold standard for midwest racing, gaining the nickname "Ridge White" for its outstanding results in the January races at Giant's Ridge Ski Resort. Fast Wax skiers have also come to dominate other midwest races, winning the Mora Vasaloppet, Noquemenon, and Pre-Birkie amongst other results.

Aside from their cold waxes, Fast Wax's Slick Pro and Race Pro lines have revolutionized the high fluoro and pure fluoro markets by making high level race wax ridiculously easy to apply. The Slick Pro waxes are simply rubbed on, buffed in, and brushed out with no waxing required. Similarly, Race Pro Top Coats are rubbed on like a paste wax and ironed in with their Base Saver Application Pads. Both lines are economical and durable.

For all the latest from Fast Wax, you can visit their facebook page at Fast Wax also has instructional videos on YouTube at

-Posted by Dan Meyer, Fast Wax on Jan 21st 2014