Wax Week Brand Highlight - Rex

Posted by Rex Ski Wax on Jan 20th 2014

Rex ski wax is one of the oldest wax brands in the world. For over 60 years Rex and its products have evolved as the sport, the equipment and the world wide climate have evolved. Innovations have always had their foundation in the experience and reacted to the new challenges. The Rex product line reflects the experience, sometimes true and tested or modified, sometimes something totally new.

Of hydrocarbon glide waxes Rex Blue is still the first glide wax for prepping countless new racing skis. The Blue is easy to apply and it gives good polished glide surface. Each of the series of fluorinated glide waxes has been specifically formulated to maximize the intended benefits, not just adjusted for the level of fluoro content.

Always known for its strong line of klisters Rex recently introduced a new klister, Rex Gold, specifically for coarse and man-made snow now frequently found in international venues. Generally klisters are used in the wettest or iciest conditions.

For new and mixed snow conditions kick waxes are used and Rex provides three different kick wax lines:

  • Power Grip with extreme grip. Great when extra kick is required or for recreational skiers
  • Basic Grip waxes i.e. the traditional kick waxes. Most used and reliable.
  • Pro Grip fluorinated kick wax. Fluoro dispels dirt and water that can cause icing.

In addition to the fluorinated glide and kick waxes, for the more complex waxing requirements, Rex offers several 100% fluorinated products, such as powders and gels, generally found in the coaches wax packs. Fluoro powder TK-245 for new and moist snow, freezing to mild frost. An economical block form in TK-72 is suitable for a wide range of conditions.

Providing waxing services for national teams on the World Cup circuit is both challenging and rewarding as it is essential to new product development. Before inserting a new Rex wax in the product line it has gone through critical testing and acceptance on this circuit . Included in the current go-to products are Rex Gold klister and TK-245 powder.

Rex is well represented in the social media and we especially recommend the instructional videos on YouTube, covering the basics as well as tips from the racing service team.

-Posted by Rex Ski Wax on Jan 20th 2014