Wax Week Brand Highlight - Start

Posted by Start Wax on Jan 22nd 2014

One of the newer wax companies in the industry, Start Ski Wax, was founded in 1981 and has rapidly made their presence known across the skiing world with a number of revolutionary innovations including nano-fluor race waxes, a dedicated eco-friendly wax line, one of the first molybdenum based kick waxes, Black Magic, and perhaps most famously, the first ever grip tape wax. Their current wax collection is also one of the most extensive and reliable on the market, with multiple wax lines for both kick and glide that address the different conditions ski racers may encounter.

On the kick side of the equation, Start offers four basic hard wax lines: Synthetic, Racing Fluor (or “RF”), Terva, and Oslo, as well as two base binder waxes, fluorinated and non-fluorinated versions of Black Magic, and of course, Grip Tape. Start Synthetic is their basic training kick wax and works best in old and coarse grained snow. The RF line is an all-conditions fluorinated racing line and Start’s most high-tech kick line. With wide temperature ranges, the RF waxes run slightly softer than some of their competitors for increased kick, though once skied in they form a hard outer shell that resists icing and drag. The Terva line gains its name from the pine tar present in each of these waxes. They are designed specifically for new and fine grained snow, and are highly resistant to icing, and will be the go-to line for places where fresh snowfall is the norm. Finally, the Oslo line is designed for those hard-to-wax-for conditions such as highly transformed snow, manmade snow, and courses with highly inconsistent conditions.

Outside of the main four lines, Start’s Black Magic Kick Wax is used primarily as a covering wax to repel dirt and provide additional protection from icing, while their Grip Tape has been known to last hundreds of kilometers and is versatile enough to act as a universal wax. Great as a training wax for those who want to wax once and forget about it, Grip Tape can also be used as an ultradurable binder if applied selectively and ironed out over the length of a kick pocket.

Start’s Glide Wax line is just as high performing as their hard waxes. Notably, they offer two wax lines that fit in the low-fluoro wax tier – their FG (“Fluorinated Glider”) waxes are slightly more economical and offer skiers a fluorinated wax at a better price than their competitors. The Start LF line itself actually contains a higher proportion of fluorocarbons than any other company at the price point. For dirty snow, Start offers three glide waxes and three fluoro topcoats in the Black Magic line, and for especially humid conditions they have just come out with their new FHF (“Functional High Fluoro” line), which is based on their previous n-Series line of waxes but with broader, more forgiving temperature ranges. Finally, Start’s SFR series of pure fluoro topcoats have put skiers on the podium across Europe and the United States. We at Gear West have had especially good luck with the SFR92 and 99 Blocks here in Minnesota.

If this seems like a lot to take in, Start is well represented at races across the United States. In addition to being the official pole sponsor of the CXC elite team, Start posts waxing recommendations for races across the country at and can be found on facebook at Don't forget to watch out for them at many SuperTour, JOQ, and citizen races throughout the season as well.

-Posted by Start Wax on Jan 22nd 2014